Thursday, 23 April 2009


A Dress A Day is one of my best time-wasting blogs- I love her dresses, and the wonderful materials she finds to make them with.

And I want this pattern - this is where Dress a Day talks about making it. I don't know if I like the Simplicity version or the McCall's one.
It reminds me of a dress Noela made for me when I was pregnant with maybe S3. Hers also had a longer underskirt but the same sort of big kimono sleeves. Was in blue and yellow print with plain blue trim. She made a few of them. But her own pattern. She is an immensley clever sewer. When she left home at 16 and went to NZ (WTF was Mum thinking of to let her go at that age?????) she worked as a machinist for Hardy Amies. I remember another one of her creations, similar pattern, hand dyed cheese cloth with embroidery. Very hippie flower power. Wonder what happened to them? Worn to death I imagine.

Decisions, decisions.The Simplicity pattern envelope.

Erin McKean even has time to write books. Though she said she wrote this and according to Amazon etc she has - and lots more - but that doesn't look like Erin McKean's name on this cover... Must be her, and how prolific! She probably is one of those ones with perfect children. Or a nanny.

I have fluffed around for ages with the layout for this posting. Is it going to look noice when I publish?????

It turned out fine!

And then I made the time-wasting mistake of trawling through Dress A Day again and found this!
I want to make this one too...
Dress A Day has another wrap one that is vintage (go have a trawl yourself for that one, I am not posting the link!) and descibed as a Cobbler's Apron, you can 'pop it on in a jiffy' to keep your real clothes clean. I thought this would be REAL clothes!!!! I wouldn't 'pop it on' over anything. Except me scanties...
I wonder where I can get the pattern? I do want to make this, too!
So it is like those odd pant/skirt things (skants? pirts?) where you button the front around to the back and the back to the front. But the underskirt is a lovely slim line with a fuller overskirt.

Now I am back to sewing the Zig Zag Quilt.

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Kt said...

Great site - thanks.
That pattern (the McCalls one) is on my wishlist too!