Monday, 27 April 2009

Bushfire Quilts

Last week Noela, that Best Sister of mine, sent me a parcel with two lovely quilts in it to pass on to someone who lost their home in the horrible bushfires in February.
All us quilters have pledged to get a quilt to each person who needs one. There were over 7,500 people made homeless in the fires.

Jan Mac and Christina Khune have been doing a wonderful job of making and distributing their, and donated, quilts to many of the places around Beechworth, and Marysville etc. There are other generous and kind people getting quilts out to Bendigo, and Gippsland fire areas. Check them out here, here, here, or even easier please Google "Bushfire Quilts" and look at all the extraordinary work that is being done!

Both the quilts Noela made are I Spy ones - the larger with more vertical strips and the lovely red pieced backing is 61" x 55".

The smaller one is 50" x 40" with the most wonderful eye-ball destroying zebra print on the back.

Noela has a little gang of grandkids so is really expert at making I Spy Quilts. I know she will have each letter of the alphabet represented in these quilts.

She has got a lot of I Spy materials and is forever ratting through them looking for the RIGHT letter. I suggested she get a concertina file with 26 compartments and spend a rainy afternoon sorting her material into alphabetical order. I reckon it is a pretty clever idea.
I'll do it myself.
When I find a file with 26 possies in it...
When I find such a file I shall buy TWO of them. One for Noela.

Maybe we are going to go down to the Tassie Targa this week - for a couple of days it zips around where Noela lives. The Sweetheart just suggested it.
Shall we take The Little Red Car?
It would fun to hoon around some of the Tassie Targa roads (especially as they are right where Noela lives...). And the cheap way to do the Targa!

I am still not getting the text and the photos in the layout where I expect them to be. Fluff around here in the editing stage and then when I post it the pics aren't with the right text totally. Bum and bugger. It IS better than a few months ago tho... (Some small consolation).

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Lizzie said...

Lovely quilts Jas, I need to start on an I-spy for our youngest grandson, but the task of 26 letters is putting me off. I had some trouble with the placing of text and photo so now I just set all the photo's to centre and medium size, then write above and below. Takes much less time and just works for me.
Hugs, Lizzie