Friday, 3 April 2009

Spencer Street Railway Station

There are photos of everything including Spencer Street Railway Station at The Public Record Office of Victoria both before it was reinvented as Southern Cross Station and all wonderful curves and back when it was a barren windswept awful thing of old bitumen and rusty tin. Here is what it was like before. REALLY difficult to find photos just of the station (cos it was so god-awful) without big shiny trains of all descriptions taken by train gunzels.

And here are a lot of photos of what it looks like now. Plenty of photos without any trains because frankly this really is a beautiful place to be now. This is where all country and interstate trains come into Melbourne.

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Maria said...

I hardly recognised the station when we came in on the airport shuffle in May 2009. Last time i saw it was as a student in 1970 when I came in on the Inter-capital daylight express from Sydney. That was after 14 hours sitting up from Brisbane. It was cheap and I was a poor student! lol