Monday, 17 August 2009

What I want to wear!

And while I am floating around in my house on the sea (below) I will be possibly wearing one of these when I am whipping up a few drinks.
Actually I might wrap the back and wear it as a frock...
That link has a mountain of wonderful vintage patterns.
I am still looking for the Vogue pattern that Mum made her ball gown from in 1961 tho.

Where I want to live!

How about THIS for a wonderful place to live?
There are lots more photos from the New York Times at that link, as well as the story behind the house.
I could happily spend the rest of my days here. And you could all come and visit - just semaphore from the shore and I will wire up the flying fox for you...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Another give away from that clever girl!

Remember a couple of months ago when I won a silver ring from Missie Krissie ("Stay calm & carry on")?

She has another give away of one of her latest creations. Most stunningly useful jewellery holder made from old silver cutlery, and bits and pieces. She is immensely clever!
Check it out here.
She is so clever. And all this with a little bloke getting into mischief and a new baby as well as the big bloke who rubs her back.
Here is a photo of her jewellery tree!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pay It Forward

Some time back Bozzy had a Pay It Back entry. She promised to send a present to the first three people who replied to her posting with a comment. And I was one of the lucky ones!!!
This is what I got today (because YES! our little Post Office in the bush is open on Saturday mornings for those of us who don't get into town during the week. How spesh is that, eh!):

And she is immensely clever - the bag is made from her own pattern:
If you go to her blog I am sure she should have a link to her web site etc.

Thank you Lynda so much for this wonderful surprise. And sometime soon - VERY soon - I shall make my PIF posting, and find three lucky people to send something to.
You shall all just have to be patient until I can think of what I am going to make (times three)!

I am going to ignore any plaintive moanings now. You have to wait till I know what I am making!

Friday, 7 August 2009

And I had this all written on Friday but only got time to post today.
BECAUSE - I was expecting The Sweetheart to give me the photos he took while we were there so I could add them but he left them at his place. On a memory stick. Later...

Yesterday, Digital Radio was released in Australia. All the Melbourne based radio stations had a grand launch at Federation Square in the centre of Melbourne. The Sweetheart and I went in to it - at 5.30 in the morning!!!

I got to hug Ruby the ABC Radio's All Ears Dog for most of the morning.
Actually the Ruby Dog wasn't the dog on the above link but her 4 month old puppy, Storm. A Bassett. So lovely, all that lovely floppy loose skin and silky ears! Lots of people came up for a cuddle.
Of the dog.
Only Julia Gillard cuddled me.
Julia Gillard?
At one stage I turned around and was nose to nose with Julia Gillard our Deputy Prime Minister.
I can't imagine any other country where you could be hugged and kissed in a crowd by a Deputy PM and have a lovely chat to without any visible security. Julia and I spoke together at a Workplace Rally a few years ago (here & here ) - before she went into industrial strength politics - and she remembered me.

We got to meet a lot of the Stars Of Radio, some of TV (that very cute Andy Muirhead from The Collectors who was having a birthday and we all got a piece of his cake, and I had a nice chat to him - he lives in Hobart. A total sweet man!) and also many of the people Who Make It Happen.

One of the other Early Birds was a young lad who went to school with Smellie 4, and who had driven down (120 kms) from Castlemaine to be there. (The ABC is really Old People's radio in the eyes of Young People!!!).

AND I got to talk on radio too. Was interviewed on Jon Faine Show in front of a great crowd - afterwards remembering what I should have said, but maybe they didnt want a long discourse on the Melbourne Club anyway...

It was all very exciting. Tho not so much fun at first getting up at 4 a.m. to get there that early... There weren't many people there at that time, and also not too many people even bothered to turn out for the commercial stations, the biggest crowd was around the ABC.

And there will be some photos of all the excitement - I shall put them up another day.


It is nearly 12.34 and 56 seconds on the 7th of August 2009.
12.34.56 7/8/9

AAAGHHH!!! The only time this century I was going to be able to write the time and date as 123456789 and then silly Blogger took 3 minutes to load it.
So frustrated!
THEN - it posed THREE copies, all at the same time.
BUT the WRONG time...
It showed that I had posted it at 12.25 (so technically I could have waited another 9 minutes and reposted so it LOOKED as though I had got the timing right.
But that would be a lie.).

At least I tried. Which is what should eventually be on my head stone I reckon...

Tho if you were in America where you write months before days (why?) then 8 July would have been the day for you to write 12.34.56 8/7/9... Too late for you guys too. FAR too late...

BTW, it is now 1.28 p.m. I wonder what time Blogger will say I posted this?

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Op Shop treasures!!!!

This was my GREAT find at St Vinnies last week. Django & Juliette pony skin ankle booties - just absolutely gorgeous.
Oh, and - NEVER been worn.
Ten dollars (my last ten dollars for ten days, but who cares...).

I love it when people don't like stuff...


PS all but the binding to do on Dad's quilt - got it done this arvo on the John Watts - first quilt to be done on my new frame. Three cheers for me.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Dad's quilt...

I have got the top together for the quilt for The Sweetheart's Dad. It is 60" square. Shall fix up the backing and see what sized bit of batting I have before deciding if I shall add some borders. Could use some strips of the different colours, or the creams - lots of material left over. (I DID start with 14m of material after all...).

It is 60" square at the moment.