Friday, 26 February 2010

Happy Blogaversary to me!!!!!

A whole year since I began this blog.
And I have not been boring every day. And, hopefully, not boring you at each entry either...

I am going to celebrate with a give-away. But you will have to wait until tomorrow for the unveiling. It is too hot tonight, and I have been too busy doing lovely things with most of my lovely Smellies (my sons!) this week to get my blogaversary act together.

Please, my faithful friends, come back tomorrow. This is going to be a great give-away!!!!

Happy Blogaversary to me, happy Blogaversary to me... hip hip HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Valentine's Day!

I know - it is way past Valentine's Day...

But THIS is what The Sweetheart surprised me with on Valentine's Day!
Surprised me? Absolutely STUNNED me!!!!!! I have never had flowers (or anything else) on Valentine's Day before. Or if I have it has certainly not been at all memorable.
It is huge, and the roses are still smelling like roses although they are now crispy and in the bowl of potpourri.

Lucky, lucky me! Thank you my Sweetheart, I still appreciate these lovely red roses.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Trevor returns!!!!!

Twenty four hours after he went astray Trevor was handed in to a vet in Castlemaine. Fortunately in one pice, although very tired and hungry.
He was found half way to Castlemaine - about 8 kms from home.
A long way for a little dog to travel.
So he has eaten about 800 g of chicken necks, had a BIG drink of water, followed me around whilst I dug up some new-born spuds and then curled up asleep on the couch. I recjkon he is one tired dog!

I can stop bawling my eyes out now.
Silly me, imagine letting a dog get to me like this...
Hopefully tomorrow I shall think of Blogaversary. I need some sleep now.


Don't get too excited about the Blogaversary give-away, folks. I haven't given it a thought.

Dear little Trevor Dog went missing yesterday afternoon and I have spent the best part of the last 20 hours looking for him. Or thinking of looking for him.

We are surrounded by a million wild acres of bush here and mine shafts and all sorts of dangers for a little dog. Have driven miles through bush tracks and around the roads, dodged fallen branches, nearly got bogged a couple of times in muddy holes that were deeper and bigger and wider than I thought, and talked to neighbours, RSPCA, vets, shops, et cetera.

Go to the top LH corner and search "Trevor" and you will find soem entries about him. He really is a dear little dog.

I am really tired and emotional now.

PS - it is still two weeks to Blogaversary anyway. Plenty of time.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Annie O is a quilter in California and she started her blog just before I began mine. Last week she had a give-away because it was her first anniversary.
Which reminded me that it was almost my blogaversary, too.

She is giving away this gorgeous little quilt. Along with four patterns of other little quilty things to make.
Anways, I was lolling about in bed this morning with Trevor sticking his shiny wet black beetle nose onto mine (to tell me he needs me to open the door for him to go out and make sure the pot plants haven't moved in the night or something. Be great when he grows opposable thumbs. I can then sleep in) and thinking about what I shall do for my blogaversary on the 26th of February.
Which quilt?
Drag a WIP (really a UFO) out of the meat safe?
Or shall I make one especially?

And finally got up for Trevor, checked my emails to find I HAD WON THE QUILT!!!!!

How good is that?! I am so pleased. And it is going to come all the way across the sea for me.

So tomorrow, watch this space. I shall be announcing a give-away to celebrate a whole year of blogging. Blogsteading.

That should give me another 24 hours of making a decision on what to give away.

Be assured, however, that I shan't be just passing on Annie's give-away.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Yeah, I AM here...

I know, I know - it has been along time since I posted (almost two weeks).
It has been hot (again) though we did have a bit of rain last week, lovely cooling refreshing rain. And more forecast for later in the week. I hope it buckets down, everything is so dry and thirsty. And the tanks took a beating with five extra Beez here the other week, too. (Have you been to see them yet? Check the entry below for their link. AND keep an eye out for their appearance on Spicks and Specks, too).

I am not very good with hot weather, I have just been crawling on to the coolest bed (downstairs with mud brick walls on three sides and lots of books insulating the fourth, as well as my studio with tonnes of insulating fabric above... And then I read. I also dream of making things. Have dragged out some patterns for a few frocks I would like to make. Given that two of them are Issey Miyake patterns - which take about 120 metres of material for their clever folded construction - it may be some time before they are made.
If ever...

In lieu of actual sewing I found this wonderful and instructive 1948 vid on Youtube:

and this is the second episode:

I agree - she needs to lose that loser BF ("I have a wonderful idea Betty - why don't you and the girls hold a fashion show to raise funds for new crap THE BASKETBALL TEAM?" Why not raise funds so they can buy more material???? Or buy alcohol to go with the girlie party, or an overlocker, or a full length mirror?

See you when the cool change happens...