Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Yeah, I AM here...

I know, I know - it has been along time since I posted (almost two weeks).
It has been hot (again) though we did have a bit of rain last week, lovely cooling refreshing rain. And more forecast for later in the week. I hope it buckets down, everything is so dry and thirsty. And the tanks took a beating with five extra Beez here the other week, too. (Have you been to see them yet? Check the entry below for their link. AND keep an eye out for their appearance on Spicks and Specks, too).

I am not very good with hot weather, I have just been crawling on to the coolest bed (downstairs with mud brick walls on three sides and lots of books insulating the fourth, as well as my studio with tonnes of insulating fabric above... And then I read. I also dream of making things. Have dragged out some patterns for a few frocks I would like to make. Given that two of them are Issey Miyake patterns - which take about 120 metres of material for their clever folded construction - it may be some time before they are made.
If ever...

In lieu of actual sewing I found this wonderful and instructive 1948 vid on Youtube:

and this is the second episode:

I agree - she needs to lose that loser BF ("I have a wonderful idea Betty - why don't you and the girls hold a fashion show to raise funds for new crap THE BASKETBALL TEAM?" Why not raise funds so they can buy more material???? Or buy alcohol to go with the girlie party, or an overlocker, or a full length mirror?

See you when the cool change happens...

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Clare said...

I haven't watched the videos, but I can imagine!!!!!!!

Glad you are safe. I have been worrying about you.

See you soon.