Thursday, 11 February 2010


Annie O is a quilter in California and she started her blog just before I began mine. Last week she had a give-away because it was her first anniversary.
Which reminded me that it was almost my blogaversary, too.

She is giving away this gorgeous little quilt. Along with four patterns of other little quilty things to make.
Anways, I was lolling about in bed this morning with Trevor sticking his shiny wet black beetle nose onto mine (to tell me he needs me to open the door for him to go out and make sure the pot plants haven't moved in the night or something. Be great when he grows opposable thumbs. I can then sleep in) and thinking about what I shall do for my blogaversary on the 26th of February.
Which quilt?
Drag a WIP (really a UFO) out of the meat safe?
Or shall I make one especially?

And finally got up for Trevor, checked my emails to find I HAD WON THE QUILT!!!!!

How good is that?! I am so pleased. And it is going to come all the way across the sea for me.

So tomorrow, watch this space. I shall be announcing a give-away to celebrate a whole year of blogging. Blogsteading.

That should give me another 24 hours of making a decision on what to give away.

Be assured, however, that I shan't be just passing on Annie's give-away.

Stay tuned.


Lulu said...

I noticed that you won the quilt. Congrats. Looking forward to your giveaway.

Clare said...

That quilt is adorable. Lucky you.

I'm watching this space.

AnnieO said...

and I am thrilled it is going across the sea to you, Jas! Can't wait to see what your wonderful brain came up with in the last 24 hours for your blogaversary!

blessed speedy said...

Happy Anniversary and well done you - you lucky winner!!!!!!!