Thursday, 8 October 2009

Trevor has come home to us!!!

Trevor is my new dog.

There was an ad in last week's local rag - "Jack Russell, de-sexed, chipped, vacc - FREE TO A GOOD HOME".
I didn't find the ad until Friday evening - and the paper came out on Tuesday so I wasn't too hopeful when I rang.

BUT - he was waiting for me!!!

He apparently belonged to a 97 year old lady in Bendigo who died (as you would do if you were that age) and there wasn't any one else who could take him.
Except me...

He is very timid, but has settled in really well with Jake. Jake is a boof-headed Jack Russell Corgi X, Trevor looks like he is Jack Russell Foxy X. He is very slender, and rather skinny. His little ribs are hanging out, and his toenails are very long. He isn't a dog who has been walked very much...

He is very sweet natured, and he and Jake have been rollicking around all week, exhausting each other. Jake is delighted to have another dog to play with even tho he is 9 years old and really should be acting like a grownup now!

The photo of them together on Jake's blanket was the first afternoon, so they were still a tad tentative with each other. Now they often curl up together.

Yesterday I was unwell and went back to bed. Jake lay on one side facing out making sure nobody attacked me through the window, Trevor on the other side protecting the door side of the bed. Both with their ears pricked and alert.
Made me feel much better. Except when they both got so concerned they sat on my chest and licked my face and then settled down to keep watch on me - still lying on my chest with their two whiskery faces 3" from mine...

Trevor has white whiskers on the right side of his nose, black on the left side. And the blackest eyes, and wettest blackest nose. A very endearing flop to his left ear. He is supposedly 4 years old. Who knows. At least he has all his teeth unlike Jake who has worn his to stumps chasing balls and rocks (which he pretends are balls...).
Trevor doesn't know about balls and cringed and cowered when I threw one for him. I wish he could tell us what has happened in his little life - he is still so timid yet now so grateful for a scratch and a chat.

Incidentally, he wasn't named Trevor when I got him. He had a stupid name that didn't suit him at all. He was answering to Trevor within a few hours so he obviously wasn't too keen on his former name either...
He is kind of named for Trevor Chappell who often keeps me amused on sleepless nights...

Lucky me.


Sally Westcott said...

Love you Jaz! I've missed you in my blog roll.

Trevor looks like a perfect addition to your life - very cute. Jake looks like he lives in doggie heaven! I can't see any ribs on him!

Is all good in your world?


AnnieO said...

What a nice doggie to come live with you. He's ever so lucky, of course. He gets to learn all about quilting and cooking and dancing and jumping out the way when the house is full of Smellies' feet!

Lynda B said...

He looks like a little champ Jas....well done you. Poor little fella must be missing his first love.....but you fence him in good. LOL

Lulu said...

What a lovely post. Well done.