Thursday, 29 October 2009

When I crack the shits...

Yeah, sometimes I really crack it and burn a bridge or two.
Not very often, however.

Nearly three weeks ago I cracked it and deleted my Facebook account.

AND NOBODY HAS MISSED ME. Well, one person did, but ten days later.

I started on Facebook years ago, maybe when it was only six months old.
There were only small thousands of people on, and no Scrabble, or Wordscraper, nor any of the stupid applications, viz who are you going to marry/how many children/what famous person were you last time around/will be/what wild animal are you (will be eaten by), blah blah.
Not to mention all the other foolish farms, fairies, sheep, fuck knows. All sorts of stupidity.

I had hundreds of friends (most of whom I know in real life too) and it was taking me half an hour every morning just to 'hide' all the idiot applications that other people had taken on in the previous 24 hours.
And then I had to see what everyone was up to, and check photos, and comment on both, answer mail...
It began to take up far too much time.

So, one evening I had one martini too many and scrubbed me from the face of Facebook. I am still alive however!

I miss everyone's photos.
Nothing else, though.

And that is an inspiration for me to start adding photos to my gallery again. Not that I have yet - but I shall start with photos of Maldon Folk Festival this weekend.

And if you do miss me on Facebook then just email me and we will be REAL internet friends again!!!!

Today I won my second thing on eBay. A handful of ten Barbie dolls. I have been making Barbie doll clothes from my Enid Gilchrist book and having so much fun I reckon I shall make a wardrobe and dollies for all the great nieces I have, and for Moo too for their Christmas presents.
Never had a Barbie when I was growing up, no dolls at all actually.

Ooroo - maybe my Friday Flaunt will be the clothes I have made so far.
Or what I did this week.
Or something else...


Clare said...

At least you'v enow got more time to sew and sew and sew (and blog). FB does bite into the day!

AND it took me 10 days because I was still on bloody dial up and couldn't pick up even a tiny bit of internet ether - so there!


PS - I won all 6 games!

Pennie and David said...

Way to go! I'm with you!! Silly thing those Facebook games and all the other rubbish, what a pity it didn't stay simple and people friendly!
I have missed your Blogging but thought you must have been away on some wonderful holiday!! :-)

Nicole and Phil said...

I've been cramming essays, so I have not left the study and seen my life friends either.....
I lead a very boring life at the moment! :(
Uni nearly finished for the year, and I can't wait to get the dust off the sewing machine and knitting needles~!~~

aykayem said...

I actually joined farcebook about 3 weeks ago - LOL
... have not logged in there since though - LOL (quite likely won't log in very often either - don't like all the stupidity on there) ... people might have missed YOU ... but not farcebook ... lol
I think the only reason I signed up for facebook was because DD told me NOT to ... so of course I had to then - LOL ... omg her profile picture is weird (her and ... for some odd reason ... one of her older brother's mates bare belly - because he turned up at her school for a visit ... with a hangover ... and probably without his shirt ... DS's profile photo isn't much better ... I wonder if I even have one? ... hmmmmm should I go check? ... might do that ... a Sunday afternoon after checking out some of the nearby wineries is probably as good a time as any ... LOL
(that is if I actually get around to that while I am doing whatever i am doing in the other 5 or more windows I have open on here ... )

Ann said...

I'm quite new on Facebook, but it's very easy to just not ever have time to go there. Keep thinking of giving it up too... I'm just not ready! Agree with you about all the stupid quizzes and aps. Cheers,

Lindi said...

I've been away, but since getting back, I had wondered where you had got to. I have lots of friends that I simply hide. If i want to know what they are doing, i can go to their wall (which isn't very often!)I've been saying for ages that blogging is better!