Friday, 30 October 2009

Seven Shirts - Seven Steps Quilt

This is a wonderful plan for a wonderful quilt from The Thrifty Quilter:

I have been collecting shirts from the Op Shop - some of them were too good to slice up (the RM Williams and Rivers ones that don't look as tho they have been worn. Washed and hung in The Sweetheart's wardrobe!) and also so very difficult to find nice ones that don't have a slash or more of polyester in them.

I will add a photo of the shirts I got later on, but here is what it will look like very soon!

(I just dragged this photo from Thrifty Quilter's blog so it is prob far too large. I will resize it if so, but not from this laptop but when I get back to my place and on the Mac (which is so much easier to use...).

Not having any luck with dragging a small photo so just go to the link and check it out - is 9 patches and snowballs and looks very clever!

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