Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Race that stops a Nation!!!

Melbourne Cup Day!!!!!

The Melbourne Cup really is The Race that stops a Nation!!

Everyone stops - at school it was even broadcast over the PA so we could all listen to it.
And everyone runs a Sweep - in offices, at schools, even quilters on the Net...
Shocking won. MUCH nicer than if any of the foreign horses had won, especially that one owned by the murdering Chechen bastard...

I didnt win any of the three Sweeps that I had horses in but owe three FQs to the winners. They will be in the post tomorrow!

Back in the Eighties I worked in Thailand, and the Aussie Embassy in Bangkok didn't even take off Australia Day - but they DID take off Melbourne Cup Day!! And Qantas flew in slabs of Fosters, crates of Seaview champagne, 4 & 20 pies and the secretaries all dressed up in jockey silks and there were all sorts of shenanigans. I scrounged my way in somehow - needed some Aussie company after months of working on the Cambodian border in refugee camps, as well as in Burma. We had a lovely day. He he he!!!

Anyway - you can find HEAPS about Melbourne Cup on the Net but start here at the website for Flemington Racecourse. You probably got to see it even if you weren't in Australia.

Hope you all had a lovely Cup Day.
I didn't - we found why the sink isn't emptying promptly. The septic tank has 2' of water on top of it, The Sweetheart dug up some of the absorbing thingie trench and it isn't absorbing. Mostly cos the pipe is chockers with tree roots.
It is going to need the septic tank pumping out, and then new trenches and new pipes with slits in them settled into gravel so all the water can seep out after the septic tank has done it's work.
That is very very depressing.
I have got a photo of the small and neat lake in the yard, but I am too depressed to depress you.
Bugger, wish my horse had come in. And that I could have afforded to put ten bucks on it.

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