Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Squishy Day!!!!!

Today I got armfuls of lovely squishies at the post office!!!

First, 36 (but two of each) more Sister's Choice blocks from Trish.
18 of them are for my Best Sister - because over the last two years we have each made about 100 blocks for each other.
So we will, in theory, have identical quilts. But of course we wont because we have been playing with them as well as whipping up Sister's Choice quilts for our other sisters and sister in law for their birthdays last year.

Here is Trevor checking out the blocks that I just got - laid them out on the bed, went downstairs for my camera and came back to find the Self-Appointed Quilt Expert making himself at home!!!

I have about 100 blocks now, I think - they are real Magic Pudding blocks cos I seem to have far more than I made!

And then there were the ten Barbie dolls I got for cheap as chips on eBay to make more clothes for and give away as Christmas presents to various younger members of the family...

One has some weirdness happening round her back. It may well be normal but then - I am not aBarbie expert at all!!!
Apart from a weird hypo-thermic look to much of her skin, she has a screw in panel on her back that maybe contains a battery but I haven't yet looked. Her hypo-thermic skin is also rather translucent and she seems to have some robot wires in there. (If she is a little alien thing I hope she knows how to do ironing...).

And then a big bundle of material from Miss Vikki Frou Frou who was having a stern clean-out of stuff she didn't think she would use. And I thought I could.
I think Mum's Christmas present is in here...

And I had to get the Mary Engelbright jelly roll for two very good reasons.
Firstly, I haven't ever bought a jelly roll before, and secondly I have a sad old ME t-shirt I bought in Ann Arbour when I was there in 1990 which is falling to bits so I need to replace it...
Actually THIRDLY - they were so cheap it would be rude not to help Miss Vikki out!

I took a photo of the lake that is the septic tank, but I wont post it today either...

The rest of the day was too lovely!!! Lots of material to fondle!


Clare said...

Lovely lovely material. The blocks are gorgeous.

I'm sick as a parrot. I missed out on the bargain of the year. Cutting mat, cutters, FQ's, fabric, books and batting for the princely sum of 12€. Grrrrrr. All because DD was on the computer so I couldn't download my mails!!!!!

zenofneedle said...

Am glad the parcels arrived! Still more things to come as I haven't finished sorting out the craft room.

Love the Sister's Choice blocks - wondering what they'd look like made out of 1930s prints?

quiltinbysea said...

Ooooh Jas, Don't load the pic, it will bring back nightmares. So sorry you are going through this.
Squishies look great and love the 'magic pudding' sisters choice blocks, they will be beautiful when finished, but the blue babe is bizarre, maybe she is a collectors item?, sell the bimbo and fix the loo? now wouldn't that be great.