Friday, 6 November 2009

Friday Flaunt

My Friday Flaunt

Remember those two drawers I got at the clearing sale a few weeks ago? I added a painted door across the top of them so I now have desk in the corner of my room. Right hand drawers have all my beads and shiny things in them (some of them). And lovely papers to make cards with are in the left hand side.
I also made a linen curtain to hang up over the window - just old linen with hand stitched top and bottom and an ancient brass curtain ring in the top two corners hooked over brass cup hooks screwed in to the architrave. Simple but effective.

And I made some more Log Cabin blocks for The Sweetheart's Dad's partner for her Christmas present. Eight blocks done, six more almost done, another 16 to go. QAYG with Pellon in the centres, and the same lovely Japanese print cut into squares for the backing as I am using cut into 1" strips for the logs. The lights are about 10 different creams. The centres were a panel I got at Melbourne quilt show back in July. They are about 3.5" square, finished blocks will be 8.5".

And in between all this work I have been dreaming of some little summer dresses for the Moo from perhaps these bits of old things:


Clare said...

Nice desk! What's The A'T Box?

Your house is like a treasure trove. I bet you've got stuff all over the place.


Nicole and Phil said...

great sets of drawers, and I never thought to make it like a I will be on the look out for some drawers!!! ;)

aubirdwoman said...

great drawers.... do you leave your room as it is or do you keep changeing it around for better effect (like I do)
I just love those log cabin blocks. I must try this quilt as you go. Old shoulders lol.

AnnieO said...

The log cabins look great! What a "Jas" take on an old block :) I also have not done the quilt as you go but it sounds pretty good. Your studio looks very inviting with all the workspace on that big table. I tried to get youngest DD to let me have the bigger bedroom for my sewing room but she declined. Oh well, someday she'll move out and I'll get it then!

Ann said...

The desk is great, the quilt is lovely and the ric rac is exciting. Well done! Ann.