Friday, 27 November 2009

Classic Adelaide

Here it is for the petrol heads - the video of some of the action at Classic Adelaide 2009!!!!

That is me in the orange jacket and white vest - kind of standing where I was told not to. Was supposed to be behind any big tree in case a car fell off the track. And so I pretended to be, and kidded myself I could leap to safety if a car came at me 180 kph. Fortunately none of them did and The Sweetheart didn't need to give me too big a telling off when he saw how stupid I had been.

Two Victorian based Porsche blokes were killed on the first day (Thursday) when their car smacked into a very large gum tree, so this sport is really dangerous. Not for the fraint hearted at all. The rest of the field were pretty subdued for the rest of the event because of the deaths of Gary Teirney and David Carra.

This is just a little taste - here are lots of photos that The Sweetheart and I took. Can't tell you which ones are mine and which are his though. You can hear me clicking away when you watch the video. There should be a camera that doesn't make noise! (yeah yeah I know there are, and my dig does have a silent feature so you can stop pretend it is a real camera, but this one is a real digital and does make noises cos it has proper innards!).

That is Bendigo used house dealer Bernie O'Shannessy and his nephew in the silver grey 1930 Chrysler. He was having GREAT fun - he rather epitomises old car racing for me. Get in there and get your hands dirty, find a car and fix it up yourself - and then bloody well race it like you were enjoying yourself! Laugh a lot of everyone else and everything else whilst doing so.

There was a frigging Ferarri worth something like $12 mill (YES - TWELVE MILLION bucks) and as it fluttered slowly past a woman behind us snorted "I drive my kids to school FASTER than that". And she is right - if you can afford a $12 mill car then you can afford to drive it like you can afford to fix it if you bend it. Otherwise (in my opinion) you are just a wanker.

Anyway, have fun with a little slice of the action:

Oh bugger, the embed code isn't working on Youtube.

Until I get it fixed just go to Youtube and check out the video there. Here

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