Friday, 4 December 2009

Friday Flaunt

I know, I know - it is TWO weeks since I last blogged. But I have been busy. And so busy that when I am not being busy I have been recovering from being busy...

Firstly, two weeks ago The Sweetheart and I went to Adelaide to the Classic Adelaide Car Rally. We had Media Passes - all very important bits of laminated plastic around our necks on important looking lanyards and hi-vis white vests. The rally goes for four days, covering about 1,000 kms around Adelaide and surrounds. I shall write about it all in another blog. However, this is a shot of the Porsche which won.

I made a pile of Happy Scrappy House blocks for a swap with the American group I am on. Lovely, easy and good fun pattern from Quiltville, thank you Miss Bonnie!!!
There is a door mat with my addie and I fussy cut kangaroos looking out each window...

Smellie 4 and his GF are moving into a house in Northcote (hopefully they have a landlord who can see what great tenants they will be and they have the house they want!).

I found some furniture for them at St Vinny's. A wonderful almost new couch - for $10 and a table for $15.
The round table has lovely slender Scandanavian looking legs, really rather elegant and pulls out to a larger oval.

Really pleased with these treasures.

And my garden is coming along - I had strawberries for dinner the other night. Not many but they certainly made up for the paucity with their wonderful flavour.
These are the ones I bought at the South School fete a couple of months ago.
The spuds and corn are also looking healthy.

And then - I dug out 8 Ohio Star blocks that are ages old. All rose prints with pink backgrounds and all rather last century looking.

Made another dozen blocks and they still looked rather last century.
It pays to sleep on things - in the middle of sleep on Wednesday night I woke up to "Double Nine Patch" running through my head.

And how good do they look!!!!

They are 12" blocks so if I use 18 stars and 17 Double Nine Patches I shall end up with a fairly decent sized quilt...
Set 7x5 that will make it approx 7' x 5'. Ahh, probably need borders on the side to make it wider.
I don't want to set it 6x6 cos then the stars wont be in each corner. I don't like the lopsidedness of that sort of setting. But may just have to live with it.
OR - I could set it 7x7... Stars will be in each corner... Woo - I shall have to get a new bed - this would be draped across the floor on my double bed.

The Nine Patches start with little 1 3/4" squares pretty cute all scrappy pinks and greenswith pink larger squares making up the Nine Patches.

How funny is this? I had 8 leftover blocks and suddenly am now looking at a king sized quilt. All from stash so it is a FREE quilt.

New bed would be nice though. I lust after a four poster bed. With curtains I can pull around and close out the world, and lots of quilts on it, and a mossie net for the summer when I open all my French doors and sleep in the tree tops...
I keep checking eBay. All the good (ie cheap!) beds are in Perth or Brisbane it seems...

Got to run - am off to the Porsche Club Dinner Dance at The Windsor in Melbourne this evening. And all I have to wear is a 1930s black crepe gown. However, The Sweetheart may have a coronary if I wear something that is really vintage but which he may just see as 'old'...


Maria said...

Wow I have just read your interesting blog and boy you sure are a busy lady.
Just love the scrappy house blocks with your roos in the window,great idea.
What a bargain you got with the furniture. Nice strawberries.
Well done making the "Double Nine Patch" out of your stash.Looks lovely.
Dream on one day you will have your four poster bed.

zenofneedle said...

Love the 'so last century' quilt - the double nine patches make all the different.

Oh.. a 1930s black crepe dress sounds perfect for dinner at The Windsor. We went there for Mum's 70th and had high tea - am thinking of doing the same for my 50th!

cinzia said...

Boy you have been busy. the house blocks turned out tops didn't they and I love the aussie feature of a roo at every window.

blessed speedy said...

Hope you had fun at the Windsor- and your blog certainly shows how busy you have been!!!

Fran C said...

DO you ever sleep???? Lovely Ohio star and the op shop finds for the smellie. Did the sweetheart appreciate your vintage gown last night?