Friday, 18 December 2009


I really hate spam, it is almost as bad a junk mail in the letter box. Being only marginally less so because it doesn't chop down trees but DOES waste my time and therefore next door to grrrr.

I recently got an email from some woman in Sydney gushing about my blog, and how we could come to an arrangement where I would crit one of their products and then I could use it as a give away on my blog, etc. And said they were targetting bloggers. If you have had one of these spams from anyone then do contact your ISP. If they don't oblige, please feel free to cut and paste the answer below which I received from my ISP.

I forwarded it to my internet provider cos it gave me the shits.
This is what I just got from them (got to love an ISP who is at the other end of the phone, AND the computer, and who does things promptly!!!!) (BTW - NB I obscured all references to the spam company - not giving them any freebies here!):

Subject: FW: SPAM
From: Southern Star Internet []
Sent: Friday, December 18, 2009 10:55 AM
To: '
Subject: SPAM
Hello there,
This message (see below) has been forwarded to us by a client.
This unsolicited email causes ISPs and hosting businesses a great deal of trouble - it blocks legitimate mail, clogs SPAM and Virus filters and creates unwarranted load on our servers.
We will ask you once and once only - Stop SPAMMING our clients. If we receive another unwanted message we will report the sender to ACMA.
Be aware it is illegal.
If you doubt us:-
"Under the Spam Act 2003 it is illegal to send, or cause to be sent, unsolicited commercial electronic messages. The Act covers email, instant messaging, SMS and MMS (text and image-based mobile phone messaging) of a commercial nature. It does not cover faxes, internet pop ups or voice telemarketing."
SSC Support
Southern Star Internet
1300 888 695
Dialup, Broadband and Hosting
Hello Jasmine,
My name is Xxxxxand I'm writing from the promotions and publicity division at, which is part of I really like your blog, Banaghaisge. I am interested in discussing a possible free giveaway for your readers or providing you with a free product to review and keep for your home. If you choose to do a review; your review should be 100% open and honest. We are connecting with the bloggers as a great way to connect and raise awareness about xxxx whilst, giving something back to the community. We're always looking to expand our outreach, and I feel like your site would be a perfect fit.
Let me know if you would be open to brainstorming possible giveaway ideas. We have a huge range of xxxx (cheap crap umm she didn't say that, my interpretation...) and would love to working with you (sic) to pick out the perfect product. All we ask is that there be a write up about the product or an introductory post for the giveaway including a keyword link.
Take a look at our site and let me know what you like
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Xxxxx Xxxxx- <>
Office +61+XXXXXXX <> is a joint venture between XXX
<> and XXXX<> .
Kind Regards
Southern Star Internet
1300 888 695
Dialup, Broadband and Hosting


Lulu said...

Yes, I got one of those too yesterday.

cinzia said...

Thanks for the warning I will watch out for it. I never thought of sending it onto my ISP.