Friday, 23 October 2009


I really love upcycling stuff.

Today's Friday Flaunt isn't about me but for a bloke called Brian Dettmer. I think he is an American tho this gallery with his art made from found stuff is in Barcelona:

Isn't this a wonderful use of all those old cassettes you no longer use? Check out the photos of his clever pieces. I want a skull!

You can find out more about upcycling just by having a Google or by looking here, here or here.

Look at what you can do with your old credit cards (or even your new ones to stop them getting fatter...):
I know quite a few performers who would love picks like these ones!

Oh dear, now I shall be here for hours looking at one of those links above (

I have been spending lots of time recently looking at home improvement type sites, and for building stuff, and creating treasures from junk (which is what upcycling is all about really).

Sites such as and it's associated sites on technology and green stuff; a Better Homes & Gardens site for budget decorating; and the DIY and green pages here.
Casa Sugar has great Before and After pics, and Junk Market Style is pretty inspiring too!

We went to a Clearing Sale last Sunday in Campbell's Creek - a couple of deceased estates. So very tempted to buy boxes of china, and crappy chairs to reupholster, and tins of nails and screws.
But I didn't.

BUT - I did buy two small chests of drawers for $10.

And a mighty fine Singer sewing machine also for $10.

The machine is in a desk-cabinet with delicate pencil legs, and a little flip down drawer at the front, it came with it's box of attachments and instruction manuals. The electricals need a bit of TLC - the bakelite power plug has some bare wires hanging at the south end for example...

Have yet to clean it up. It was made on November 17, 1950 in Clyde (Scotland). It is very small - 12" from the top of the plate on the LHS to the top of the wheel. Is it a Featherweight? It is a 99K model.

I am sanding down an old door to put between the two chests to make a desk. And thento build two storage cabinets to go on top of that on either side of the window in my studio.
The next step in the plan is to put a shelf across the top of the window, and then add shutters on the window - it faces West and gets very hot in summer. Usually I cover it with wool batting to insulate it when the weather warms up.

And look at Trevor flat out soaking up the sun!
He is settling in really well. He was so timid for the first week or so. I put my hand up to scratch my head and he fell over with terror. I think he has been belted a bit in his life.
He is a very sweet little dog. Now, when he thinks it is time for his dinner he comes and sits by his bowl and waits for me to notice him. He wakes me in the morning so I can let him out for a little run and then (only then) does he hop up on my bed and go back to sleep with me. Otherwise he is on his own bed downstairs.
Mum said he wasn't a Jack Russell but a Tenterfield Terrier which suits me fine! I am so glad I rescued him. He and Jake continue to get on so well together, wrestling and playing chasies whenever The Sweetheart brings him up.

Smellie 4 came up last week and did some fencing to stop Trevor bolting off, but now he knows this is his home so he doesn't wander at all any more. He did run away a couple of times at the beginning, scaring me totally!
Anyway, the fencing will keep the kangaroos out of the garden. I have LOTS of seeds turning into seedlings, and it is all very encouraging. That can be next posting...

I just realised that this is really all about upcycling for me too.
The lovely sewing machine, and the chests of drawers, and Trevor the Upcycled Dog.
Not to mention me and The Sweetheart. We are Upcycled Loves!!!!


Lulu said...

Cheers to upcycling!

AnnieO said...

I love reading posts you write, Jasmine, always a bunch of interesting things! Huh, an upcycled dog, I'll have to suggest that term to my sister who rescues English Toy Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles spaniels...

catsmum said...

that 99K is a great find - I have one too but in a very crappy broken box, not in a cabinet - I wonder if the cabinet was homemade ?
I have a couple of featherweights as well and they're slightly different

and Trevor looks like he's found a very sweet spot to live

Missie Krissie said...

I love everything in this post. Totally and utterly! And have actually gone green over your singer machine. I nearly fainted at the price!! Bargain!