Friday, 12 February 2010


Don't get too excited about the Blogaversary give-away, folks. I haven't given it a thought.

Dear little Trevor Dog went missing yesterday afternoon and I have spent the best part of the last 20 hours looking for him. Or thinking of looking for him.

We are surrounded by a million wild acres of bush here and mine shafts and all sorts of dangers for a little dog. Have driven miles through bush tracks and around the roads, dodged fallen branches, nearly got bogged a couple of times in muddy holes that were deeper and bigger and wider than I thought, and talked to neighbours, RSPCA, vets, shops, et cetera.

Go to the top LH corner and search "Trevor" and you will find soem entries about him. He really is a dear little dog.

I am really tired and emotional now.

PS - it is still two weeks to Blogaversary anyway. Plenty of time.


AnnieO said...

So so sorry to hear Trevor's gone missing. I hope he is back home tout suite and tick-tocking his tail as fast as it can go. Keep us posted, Jas.

lisette said...

oh jas - i hope he's back soon