Friday, 7 August 2009


It is nearly 12.34 and 56 seconds on the 7th of August 2009.
12.34.56 7/8/9

AAAGHHH!!! The only time this century I was going to be able to write the time and date as 123456789 and then silly Blogger took 3 minutes to load it.
So frustrated!
THEN - it posed THREE copies, all at the same time.
BUT the WRONG time...
It showed that I had posted it at 12.25 (so technically I could have waited another 9 minutes and reposted so it LOOKED as though I had got the timing right.
But that would be a lie.).

At least I tried. Which is what should eventually be on my head stone I reckon...

Tho if you were in America where you write months before days (why?) then 8 July would have been the day for you to write 12.34.56 8/7/9... Too late for you guys too. FAR too late...

BTW, it is now 1.28 p.m. I wonder what time Blogger will say I posted this?


Sally Westcott said...

Really good try Jas. At least you remembered before the event! I remembered about an hour later. Way too late to do anything about it!



aubirdwoman said...

well at least we now know, thank you lol.

Sue said...

How clever are you? I would never have thought of it or remembered to try even if I had.