Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pay It Forward

Some time back Bozzy had a Pay It Back entry. She promised to send a present to the first three people who replied to her posting with a comment. And I was one of the lucky ones!!!
This is what I got today (because YES! our little Post Office in the bush is open on Saturday mornings for those of us who don't get into town during the week. How spesh is that, eh!):

And she is immensely clever - the bag is made from her own pattern:
If you go to her blog I am sure she should have a link to her web site etc.

Thank you Lynda so much for this wonderful surprise. And sometime soon - VERY soon - I shall make my PIF posting, and find three lucky people to send something to.
You shall all just have to be patient until I can think of what I am going to make (times three)!

I am going to ignore any plaintive moanings now. You have to wait till I know what I am making!


cinzia said...

I agree it is a lovely bag. What a lucky person.

Lynda B said...

You are all forgetting it is also a SHAMELESS act of self promotion. LOL!!! So glad you like the bag Jas, As soon as I saw the fabric I thought of you.....modern and classic at the same time!!