Sunday, 2 August 2009

Op Shop treasures!!!!

This was my GREAT find at St Vinnies last week. Django & Juliette pony skin ankle booties - just absolutely gorgeous.
Oh, and - NEVER been worn.
Ten dollars (my last ten dollars for ten days, but who cares...).

I love it when people don't like stuff...


PS all but the binding to do on Dad's quilt - got it done this arvo on the John Watts - first quilt to be done on my new frame. Three cheers for me.


Lizzie said...

Love those shoes!!! Well done with the quilting, looking forward to seeing it finished.

cinzia said...

as they say one person's trash is another person's treasure.. and what a find!

Lulu said...

The shoes are lovely, but I hope they aren't really pony skin?