Thursday, 19 March 2009

Happy birthday Noela!!!

My sis Noela has a birthday today, happy birthday Noela!!!

Here she is wearing the ball gown our Mum made in 1961 to wear to a Highland Ball. Hector, our Dad wore his kilt of course.
This is crystal organza, a Vogue pattern that I keep searching for. Mum made it all on the Singer treadlie (which I still have tho we sewed it to death, combination of Mallee dust and constant use by 6 kids - Mum never had much time for sewing really) having to put greaseproof paper on the seams to tame the slippery material and when she finished it at 3 a.m. apparently put it on and waltzed alone around the house to celebrate.
Mum wore this within 6 weeks of having her 6th baby. People in town didnt even know she was pregnant. Underneath Mum wore the taffeta petticoat that she wore when she was 16 and bridesmaid when her sister was married. It is perfect on it's own, and with a more than full circle skirt. Mum is nearly 6' tall and even tho Noela is the tallest of us girls the hem is still dragging (all 21 feet of it!).
I havent been able to get in to the gown since I went past 50 kgs...I used to wear it to balls, too - with my Doc Martens to make dancing comfortable.

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Lindi said...

It's glorious! It's the sort of gown to really feel feminine and gorgeous in. It would make a wonderful wedding dress, too.