Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fang Fairies


Two weeks ago I whinged to Maggie my almost cousin who lives around the corner that I wished dentists bulk billed like doctors. And she said "But there is a clinic for pensioners - a bit of a waiting list but cheap as chips".
Had a bit of a Google and then rang Daylesford Community Health Centre and they said "3 year waiting list", then Maryborough - "2.5 year waiting list" and I thought "It is getting shorter" so rang Sunbury (where my Sweetheart lives) and they said "Three years" and I cried and wailed "BUT MY TEETH HURT" and she said "In that case you are an emergency, come in tomorrow".

And it isnt going to cost me more than $96 all up (unless I get dentures and then they cost $150 or something!), I have a crown from 5 or 6 years ago that has cracked from where they put the pins in, and a baby tooth near my eye tooth that is about to be canonised as it is a miracle it is still with me. The root has probably been resorbed which explains why it is wobbly and like old ivory - and a smoking elephant at that.... And I have advanced gum disease whatever that means.

I went back on Monday after some xrays (also free...) but the dentist had called in sick so next Tuesday.
I never even knew about the dental clinic thing for poor people.
I would be so crap at rorting the system...


sMC said...

and getting to see a Doctor is like
"ummerrr I am going to die next Thursday could you have the death cert. signed for them to pick up. sorry bit of black humour coming out there.

Clare said...

I wish there was something like that over here.

Slim said...

Happy blogging!