Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Century of Women's Votes in Victoria

On March 31 1908 Women in Victoria finally gained the right to vote, the last women in Australia to be granted this right.
Kavisha Mazzella was commissioned last year by The Victorian Women's Trust to write an anthem, a wonderful song of Love and Justice.
Kavisha gifted the song to the women - and men - of the world so we can all learn it and work to help the women of the world who have yet to achieve equality, and love, and justice.
You can download a clip of the song here and there are links to the sheet music, notes for choir leaders etc on the VWT site.

Today I caught the train down to Melbourne, and we gathered on the steps of Parliament House:

This is the lovely and lively Molly who sang with us at Federation Square on Nov 28 2008, and again today in Parliament (she is 87!), Beth and Amy.

We weren't expecting to sing with Kavisha but she said we HAD to and I wanted to anyway! Queued to go through security and given big Visitor Vs to wear on our chests and ushered in to the Queen's Hall where there were lots of politicians, staff, visitors...
And a stage for us...
I am on the far left, with Mary Crooks from VWT next to me. We are a much truncated choir compared to the 400+ women who sang in Federation Square but we were just as vocal! Got lovely applause and encouraging comments. This photo was taken by Steb Fisher with my unfamiliar camera and therefore a bit fluffy. Steb took lots of photos, all of which will be MUCH better I know!

Kavisha Mazzella and Mary Crooks with a polly who's name has utterly escaped me (obviously NOT Bob Cameron who is my Local Member and who I do know...). See the statue of Queen Victoria overlooking proceedings? I wonder what she would have thought of it all?

And then we stopped at a Japanese restaurant just down Bourke Street and the VWT shouted us lunch:

I then went down to Southern Cross Station and caught the train home to Castlemaine
I LOVE this station, beautiful curves like a woman's body. MUCH MUCH better than what was there before, barren noisy wet windswept and ugly as...

P.S. I also wrote about the Choir on International Women's Day.


vitamingreen said...

it Is much nicer, agreed, but souther cross is a stupid and pretentious name for a station on spencer street, when half of the world(more in the winter-time, or is it the other way around) can see the southern cross.

Lizzie said...

I too love Southern Cross station and have to disagree about it being a pretentious name, I think it a grand name for what is now a grand station. I catch the Ballarat train home after a day in town and love just sitting and watching!