Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lovely looooong weekends....!!

How cute is this little thing! It is a possum scarf - I bought it at The Mighty Mitta Muster last weekend. It is for Moo (the grandkid) who lives in Hobart. The Sweetheart and I went up on Saturday morning to Mitta Mitta for another wonderful stay with my brother and sister in law at The Witches Garden.

The Mighty Mitta Muster was on Sunday. It has been running for about 20 years, and getting better each year!

There was show jumping!

Skye and Ellie won a prize in the Dog Jumping

And then there was the tent pegging exhibition - wonderful and exciting

Wild bull rides for little kids!! And wood chops for everyone else!

We stayed at The Witches Garden in a quilt-laden and extremely comfortable old bed in the tree tops. The best way to sleep.
Two Tawny Frogmouths belong to the garden since they were injured in accidents and can't fly.
Flowers from the garden.

And when we got home Jake was EXHAUSTED from playing with three friendly dogs, staying up all night inviting possums to come down and play, sniffing out bush rats and possibly snakes (shudder), and acquiring a whole host of flea friends to bring home with him.
Sleep well Jake!

And I still haven't worked out how to make a nice page, especially when adding photos.It is getting frustrating so I will just publish and be damned!!!


Sewbig said...

Hi Jas,
Great photos and account of your weekend! Witches Garden looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing a peek into your corner of the world.

sMC said...

aha but the content beats everything. Well done it will just grow on you. beware tho blogging is addictive.

Jane said...

Have you tried the center button.
I sometimes find that gives a better look with pages.
Also with picasa you can now put comments on photos which I forget.
Going make a difference.