Thursday, 5 March 2009

This was about 1965 I think, taken at my Auntie Pat's and Uncle Ernie's place in Kerang. They still live in the same house (different carpet tho).
Back row is Noela, Elspeth and I, with Lew, Alpal and Marion in the front row. I think Mum must have got a bulk deal on the hair cuts, we all look the same. But SHINY! There were six of us in 8 years (Dad wanted a son and heir and Mum (!) made the mistake of having four girls before figuring it out.

I have been sewing today. Cobblestone blocks in reds and blues for a bushfire quilt. It is actually kind of cool - good sewing weather to make up for the extraordinarily scary hot and horrible times we have recently had.

I managed to get an emergency appointment tomorrow with a fang fairy from Dental Services Vic - because lots of my teeth hurt I don't have to join the 3 year waiting list. Oh, the luck of being on a sick person pension - too poor to pay for a 'proper' dentist but with all the time in the world to sit and wait for one to become available...

The Sweetheart and I are going to Mitta Mitta for the long weekend. The Mighty Mitta Muster is on, and then Sunday evening there is The Wombat Gully Music Festival (invitation only). We will be staying at The Witches Garden again - always a good place to be.

Thank you all for reading me and for the lovely comments. It is only going to get better!

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