Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Random things...

This is basil and mint from my garden in a little still life on the kitchen table

Floss, my sister in law, sent me home from Mitta Mitta the other weekend with 7 or 8 garbage bags full of material she no longer needs. She is putting her artistic energies into that wonderful garden, not into sewing any more. I spent many days washing it all, and folding - except for this laundry basket full of old linens, embroideries, d'oileys waiting to be starched and ironed.
What treasure!

Patchwork materials in the first few piles, and then linens and blends from Bruck Mills in Wangaratta, followed by some piles of furnishings and curtainings.
Itchy sewing fingers!

Somebody works at Stoneman's Bookshop in Castlemaine who has lovely legs!

I got the doll's house painted. Undercoated really, and then sanded. I am stuck on what colour. It was easier to paint my house ("Bluegum" which looked like the new foliage on Tassie Bluegums, but after I bought 40L of it looked like an odd and inappropriate for a house in the bush turquoise. And THEN people told me about sample pots...).

And I had a handsome pear and a creamy yummo brie for dinner!


Not Waving but Drowning said...

Lovely colourful posting. Your lunch looks scrummy!


Jane said...

And where are the herb cuttings in pots..that you also bought back with you???

Clare said...

Fantastic photos. I love those leggings.

It's amazing how blogging makes you take photos you wouldn't normally take.

The word you were looking for is, believe it or not, contexture (f) or grain (m).