Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I have had fun this morning (um and into this arvo...) playing with my blog.
I got some really really useful help from The Pommy Sheila about how to edit HTML stuff. So I have been doing just that.
What do you think of this background? And the font? And the other bits I have added? Sheila is a great one for bells and whistles, I am not yet in her league, but I aspire to it.
Listen out for those bells.
And the whistles.
I have actually been here since about 0500. Can't sleep.
My GP changed my wonderful pain medication from a couple of pills a few times a day to one slow release tablet every 12 hours. But they aren't kicking in quite as successfully as the old ones. I have been on some glorious non-opiate opiates, the Clayton's morphine, for about 6 months and they are magic. Like singing, making a quilt, sex and chocolate all at once. But less messy.
I can't take anti-inflammatory drugs because they make me bleed - I have a genetic bleeding disorder that was only unearthed last year. It possibly could have been picked up earlier when I was bleeding to death over tonsils, or teeth, or babies, or surgery, or sharp knives/kitchens/wine combinations...
And certainly should have been when I was married to the immuno-geneticist...
And I ache cos if I get too lively I bleed into my joints and it bloody hurts lots.

And I did get lively.

Last weekend The Sweetheart's Dad gave me a trailer load of firewood. I brought it home on Monday and unloaded the front 1/3 of the trailer to make it light enough to be able to lift off the tow-ball.
Light enough????
Frigging thing leapt in to the air at about a million miles an hour (it is an old trailer - it isn't into metric) and smacked me in the face! Luckily (?) my gloved hands somewhat cushioned my teeth when the tow bar hit me.
Some stars, bit of blood, a few tears, a little lie-down with a chilly face washer, and then a cuppa tea and I got better (ish).

My neighbour Maggie dropped in just after with her two adult children and they unloaded and stacked the rest of the wood for me. And gave me lots of pats and sympathy. And said nice things about the Dad who gave it all to me.
My neck and back are a bit whiplashed, but the pouty trout lips are subsiding (hooray - looked for a tad like Paris Hilton. Or what she will become in 25 years...ha ha ha). But a bit too much of a good thing for me. I am aching lots. All over.
Look at it - all those lovely big logs on the left hand side. The right hand side has some wattle sort of shrubbery wood that S4 brought me from a Hard Rubbish forage in Melbourne. Burns really well tho.

I am firing up the Rayburn to make some steak and mushroom pies. I will buy puff pastry for the tops of them, but make short for the bottom halves, but first the meat has to stew with onions and carrots and potatoes for a day to get really yummy and falling to pieces.
I am going to the village to buy something for lunch - this has made me hungry.
See ya!


Lizzie said...

Oh Jas, what a horrible time you have been having, I'm so glad that your injuries were not worse. Looks like we'll need the firewood this weekend if the forcast is correct. I love your new look blog, very autumnal, take care, Lizzie

sMC said...

oh I love the new blog clothes. Well done.

Now you need me to write as well as you.

Di said...

Great job with the blog pimping, Jasmine. Don't you just love widgets??!!! Hope you feel better soon.

catsmum said...

love the new font but don't love the sound of what you've done to yourself
be well
and the word verification thingy was woond - very appropriate

quiltinbysea said...

Love the new look, definitely made for wide screen viewing.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
Had major computer disaster and it helped to find you quickly.
Yummo chicken, will be giving it a whirl for dinner tonight.
Keep well.

Clare said...

Don't you just love widgets!

It's pouring with rain here. I'll send you some if you send me a steak and mushroom pie pleeessssseeeeeeee!