Monday, 27 April 2009


Keep the comments coming - I LOVE them!

Also, If you have a blog and you are following me can you please add the address to your profile page so I can find you. And read what you are up to...he he he (and so others can find you too).
I had to block someone cos they had such a weird addie, and didn't have any contacts, they made me feel not very kindly towards them. There are a couple more of my followers who might go the same way (is this you????). Add a photo please. It doesn't have to be of you...(tho probably better if it is).

Does anyone know how I keep track of blogs that aren't blogspot ones? I only have one which isn't - Calidore - and have her up (on the LHS of here) so I just check every day or so. All the others are on my dashboard cos they are ALL blogspot (does this mean blogspot is the most popular or that it is just that I haven't found any others?).

I am knitting. It has been a bit wintery lately - we even had RAIN!!!! This is what the front looked like at the weekend - it was windy and lots of unnecessary things got blown around too. About 30mm of rain. So nowhere near enough but a good teasing start.

And so my thoughts turn to knitting. As they do.
I am not a good knitter. Well, I am GOOD - I just am not a big finisher. I make a lot of hats that are my own pattern invention and rather hippy and odd with tassles. But popular, have been making them since the 70s and they were quite a Fashion Statement on the skifields back then!

But look at this wonderful creation. I would love to make this. But for my SIL Flossy. She would look really good in this. It is from and has a lot of other Good Ideas.

But this isnt what I am knitting at the moment. I bought a great many balls of bright Feathers at the $2 shop (but for $1!) and am knitting either a vest or a long top or a short frock depending on how far the wool (polyester really) goes. I cast on 150 stitches onto circular needles and am just heading south with it.

I will keep you posted. Now I am off to make a cake for The Sweetheart's birthday tomorrow.



Clare said...

Re how to read other blogs. Have you discovered Bloglines or Google Reader yet?

Unfortunately you've picked one of the slowest loading templates in the world so I can't see it in its entirety (sigh).

Oh and I am following you and hope I'm one of the kosher ones (wink).


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! That's amazing.

It makes the socks I'm knitting look decidedly dull!


Di said...

Jasmine, I use Google Reader to keep all the blogs I follow (whether blogger ones or not) in one place. Google Reader simply shows you the latest updates on all the blogs you follow. Better than using Blogger Dashboard.

Anonymous said...

You can use Google so you can read Wordpress and Typepad. I have only been using it for a bout two weeks and love it.
Judy B

Anonymous said...

Hi Jas, I have tried both bloglines and google reader. I prefer bloglines, but realise I'm probably in the minority (story of my life). I'm not "following" you as such, but I am subscribed to your feed (updates) through bloglines.