Wednesday, 1 April 2009

And I did make a quilt...

Well, I didn't make ALL of a quilt but I did make a start on it today.

I used some of the material that Floss gave me out of the linen cupboard at the Cottage last month, and the only big piece of green in the stash that was nice enough.. And I was going to call it "Flowers from the Garden of the Cottage".

However, (HOWEVER), there weren't enough scraps of dark florals. So I shall have to go stash hunting. Or make a small quilt...


Outbackgirl said...

Hey Jas,
Love this quilt! I made one a couple of years ago in bright Kaffe (sp?) fabrics, but the "old" way, with bias edge against bias edge... very happy with the final result, but could have been made so much easier!
Keep up the great work,
A near C-b-C

Bonijo said...

I have to say Jaz that there are few to compete with you. You are a wonderful quilter and you also write a mean blog that I love. Love Bonijo