Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Some yearnings

I have a few little shakers of various types - a silver sugar caster, and some salt shakers. I put my cinnamon in one so I can shake it in a nice fashion over my yoghurt, honey and mango.

But isn't this a rather yummy looking little cupboard and an even lovelier collection!
It belongs to quilt designer Anne Sutton and I found it on The All People Quilt site.

It is a site filled with all sorts of time-wasting pages...
Oh, and you can sign up so they will send you some more ideas every week thereby causing even more time to vanish.

You were warned.

I think this is also from the same place (ie BH&G All People Quilt). I deleted the link so I can't totally credit it, and another day will vanish if I go looking for it...

ThANK YOU Susie!!! She found the link to the quilt:
Click on it to have a good look!!

But it is an old (1930's era) quilt in the top photo and a modern reproduction underneath.

I like the brighter old quilt much better. The modern quilt looks gloomy I reckon.

Very cute little Nine Patches with that curved sort of sashing  in between the blocks.
Be a good setting if you had a collection of Nine Patches from a swap.
Especially if they were tiny blocks...

This is a really nice idea for my bathroom.
REALLY nice!

I will post some photos of my current bathroom one day. When I get brave enough to show you.
It is a temporary bathroom. It isn't going to be temporary forever. If it was then it wouldn't be temporary, would it?

I DO really like the idea of a quilted tiled bathroom, however.

Shall have to collect more old tiles. I have some lovely old blue and white antique ones that have been around here for a long time. So this is an idea I have had for about 20 years. I haven't even had a temporary bathroom for anywhere near that long!

Incidentally - have you noticed how much easier it all is to post now? Blogger Fairies have been even busier whilst I was busy last week  and done all sorts of lovely things.
It is so much quicker to post and edit - look at uploading photos for starters!
However, I am still getting used to what it looks like. My Preview hasn't turned out like the original posting looks and I came back to re-edit and it is just getting even more all over the place.

Better finished that perfect. My quilts are like that.


Melinda Cornish said...

I love the bathroom...the tiles look like a quilt! It is pretty charming.....

Susie said...

I found that link you deleted! I was curious as I loved that curvy nine patch.