Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Life... We would be a bit stuffed if we didn't have Life but geez it DOES get in the way sometimes.

This past week has been so busy.

Dad's funeral was on Wednesday.
Here we are (some of us) at the pub for a little wake after. There are a lot of boys on that side of the family!
Got to meet The Sweetheart's little sister for the first time (she isn't in the photo). Of course the family have known her marginally but she wasn't really a big part of this side of the family. Seems to have been actively discouraged from knowing her Dad.
She is only 23 - Dad remarried when he was 65...
She is gorgeous, tall and with a smile that lights her face and half the world - even though she was so distraught at the funeral for the Dad she never got to know. And she is living in Melbourne, last year at University (Industrial Design which is what my Baby Brother studied. And at the same place, too).

 On Thursday The Beezs came back to visit. They had a gig on Friday night at The Palais in Hepburn Springs which unfortunately turned acoustic when The Palais sound system went very ill. They were fabulous though and JUST what we both needed to cheer us up after a sad week.
They stayed a few days before heading to their last gig in Australia for this tour. They will be back in 2012. I shall let you know when their next gig is. Or check their website for Northern Hemisphere dates.

I got up one morning and Trevor seemed to be missing. Then he poked his little head out from a nest he had made in the couch cushions. Right in between them.
That dog certainly is a worry!
He did look very sweet however.

And look at that Chook cushion. She is wearing purple Doc Martens like I do and has a secret pocket in her wing that sometimes has treasures in it...Easter eggs for example.

Then Saturday we drove four hours to Albury to have a housewarming party for S2 and his Beloved. And it was also my Biggest Little Brother's 50th birthday. S2 and his Beloved cooked a great meal and we ate and had a lovely time. Except I forgot to take all my lovely drugs and found just how effective those pain killers are. Even panadeine every couple of hours didn't do anything nice for me. Got home last night and immediately gobbled my dose. Can't believe how much pain they do indeed kill!

Three quilts went north - a Housewarming Quilt for S2 and his Beloved, and a Birthday Quilt for my darling handsome Bro, and another Quilt that S2 made when he was 18. Actually, they are only tops so far...

The photos for all that partying etc are on The Sweetheart's camera, and we shall have to wait until  he downloads and sends them to me. I will add them later. Or sooner...

Got back Sunday afternoon in time to watch the Australian Grand Prix - poor Mark Webber, when is he ever going to have a proper podium? Or ten would be even better...

I am going to close my Blogaversary Give-away tomorrow night (Eastern Aussie D.S. Time) so hop in for it if you haven't entered

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Lulu said...

Lucky you, having all those men as out-laws.
And look at Trevor, how cute is he?