Monday, 22 March 2010

I got this idea from my friend Lisette at Textile Seahorse
Do have a look at her blog - she does such very clever textile creations.
Such an easy entry when my mind is otherwise occupied!

Watching :: my step
Reading :: just about everything - get 15 books each week from the library, half of them junk food for the brain, the rest are highly nutritious
Making :: my mind up (often...)
Eating :: icecream, mixed berries, red jelly, King Island cream and crumbled meringue on top.
Feeling :: sad about Dad dying yesterday
Thinking :: thinking about his amazing first 15 years at the Paris End of Collins st with a famous artist creative mother
Hoping :: I find more photos of her like this one
Wondering :: how Dad managed to have two war records with slightly different names and slightly different birthdates (added an "N" and changed his birth year from 1922 to 1920 but same next of kin details et al!!!
Hearing :: Melbourne International Comedy Festival on the telly in the background
Liking :: my life! A lot!!
Wanting :: to be sewing...


lisette said...

thanks jas :) like your new look blog xxxx

Duff said...

I like your thoughts! I was scrolling through your past posts and stumbled up on the hexagon quilt. I am mesmerized by the way you slashed them and then sewed them back in. There's a real emotion coming out of that quilt--I can see it and feel it. That's an amazing thing! So many times I see something labeled "art" and it is nothing more than a wandering blob devoid of any real presence. But then I see something like your hexagon quilt. And I am floored by its beauty and language. I daresay, Banaghaisge at its pinnacle. Just thought you'd like to know that your creativity is inspiring!