Friday, 5 March 2010


Gack and ack!!!

I have been playing around with my blog appearance (you may have noticed...) - got rid of all the crappy other people's images and just made it rather plain.

Next week I shall ask that immensely clever DIL of mine to show me how to write my own HTML stuff so I can be totally original.

ANYWAYS - did anyone happen to notice the really clever counter I had at the bottom of the page and think, "Ooh, that is useful - I will have one of those"? Cos if you did can you please send me the link? I accidentally deleted it this arvo whilst cleaning up on the page.

I did get really useful info from them, who/what/where/when and page views as opposed to blog views etc as well length of time. All sorts of stuff.
And now it is gorn, gorn, gorn.

And of course I am away from home now cos I have to help S2 and DIL move house etc so don't have any of those reports at my finger tips.

Please help me!!!!

Double sigh.

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