Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pantry cupboard

Green inside the doors, and red door knobs. Might just sand it back a bit and leave it at this.

I found this lovely flower illustration on and am (probably) going to decoupage it on the inside of the doors cos the colours are SOOO pretty! Having fun cutting them out at least...


Pennie and David said...

Is your Pantry a cupboard for only your pans Jas?? If it's food you'll be putting in there it will become a Larder! The Pantry and the Larder were two separate rooms in my old families homes.

Signed Lady Penelope who is on a secret mission to try and educate people, although I find Wiki has given in to popular usage... oh dear :-)

Shirley said...

Whatever you choose to put in your cupboard and whatever you call it it looks great. The paper is very pretty. Well done on giving something a new lease of life. Can you start on me next?!!!