Thursday, 12 January 2012


Mostly I get so sick of my hot hair whenever the weather starts threatening me as it did last week when it leapt to 40* (C - that is 100+F) that I tie it up on top of my head with a scrunchy and lie around with wet facewashers on my forhead feeling fragile.

And then I get sick of it and hack it all off so it is really short and out of my eyes. Neck. Ears.
Myself. Without any training.
However, I DO use haircutting scissors...*

Anyway, when I mentioned on Facebook the other day that I was about to do the haircut thing again lots of people told me to indulge myself a little and get a 'proper' haircut. And S4 told me abouthis friend Michelle who has a salon in Castlemaine.

So I went to see her this morning! Oh - the BEST haircut I have ever had! EVER!!!!
 So from long enough to tie up to this cute whispy very gorgeous short, short cut!
I love it.
And when I came to pay Michelle said "Oh no, it has been taken care of" - and my S4 had prepaid as a surprise for me! What a darling child (always my child, even though he is now 24)!!!!

And if you are anywhere around Castlemaine and you need a wonderful haircut go see Michelle - Placebo (5472 1777, 62 Hargreaves st., Castlemaine!). She is one hell of a cutter!

*'Proper' haircutting scissors that I bought at the supermarket...


Shirley said...

I hack at my fringe when it gets too long. I am getting good at getting it even now. At first I didn't care so long as it was out of my eyes. My husband last time told me to not be lazy and walk into town and get it cut properly. Fringe trimming is even free. I thought I did a good job. Obviously not. You look superb.

AnnieO said...

Looks lovely and cool and very very stylish, Jaz! Glad your child suggested it and gave you a bigger surprise. My 24 year old child IS my hairstylist--she's been at the same salon for 4 years and is doing so well. I have a visit scheduled with her Saturday as there is a suspicious stripe running over the top of my head.

Bren said...

So happy you have a great haircut!! I have been recently "trimming" my hair. Wish I could go to get a haircut from Michelle. (It is a little far from Texas.) Sorry to hear your weather has been so hot there. I'm sure you will be more comfortable with short hair.

quiltmom said...

Looks like its a terrific cut- one feels great with a new do- what a great gift from your S4. Such a thoughtful treat..

Pennie and David said...

Love it! It really suits you.. it is you there isn't it??