Friday, 20 January 2012

I See The Light!

Well, almost see the light. Getting there...

I am being creative with a couple of old crystal chandeliers that The Sweetheart found (in the pine wardrobe in his garage) and was about to sling into the garbage.

I pulled them apart, washed 20 years of garage dust from them, and polished up the crystals. Then I ripped the electricals out of them (who wants plastic fake candles anyway???).

I managed to get the two of them screwed together - with some ingenuity and grittings of teeth - and  draped  them with the original crystals as well as a pile I have been collecting for a long time.

What they looked like to start with - less the plastic fake candles and the flickery light bulbs...

Rippin' out the electricity (NB - I painted the shelf which is going into the pantry cupboard)

More ripping!

The two chandeliers screwed together and with extra dangles, prisms, crystals, beads etc.

And from the other angle. The gold cup screws up over the hook that will be in the ceiling. When I find something strong enough - it now weighs about 10 kgs.            

They are going to be draped with a string of tiny LED lights left over from Christmas, and then hung above my sink. Nothing nicer than a crystal chandelier to wash dishes by...


Ozjane said...

Fun play day.
I did think of you the other day but I left here at 8.15 am..yes me. And had to be back by 4.30, so there was no time to move sideways. Plus the trip up was wet and miserable.
will probably be a while before I do much more as
left shoulder is replaced at Melb. Mercy on March 1st and right one which is now giving me heaps is late in the year. So quite some weeks out of action.

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Looking good! I agree a bit of beauty helps the mundane chores along, so over the sink will be lovely. And a great idea using the fairy lights, it will look magical!

Kate said...

Beautiful Jas!! I have a couple of (very very much simpler) chandeliers from the US - I put candles in mine and love them...The fairy lights will make yours positively gawjus - or should I say gaw-Jas!!!

Pennie and David said...

I love it! Don't forget to show us it all alight will you :-)