Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Get Well Song

S4's girlfriend is a wonderful singer and songwriter. She has the sweetest voice, and is very talented - she is studying music at university, and has some regular gigs as well.

A few months ago she wrote me a Get Well Song, and she and S4 recorded it. I have finally figured out how to add it to here!

It is called  Oh, Jasmine so click on the link and have a listen to the lovely song!

(Listen right to the end and tell me if their 'not so hidden track' didn't make you smile!)


Shirley said...

How wonderful to have someone be so inspired to write you a piece of music. That will be humming around my head all day now. I hope you felt well enough to hoe down with them.

Wilma NC said...

Oh Jasmine I hope you're feeling better....LOVE IT!!! I love the tone of the girl's voice. Reminds me of the Appalachian music from where I am in western NC, my favorite!!

Quilt Station said...

Love it, but of course you already had a song. Carol King sang it. "Jazzman", I always think of you when I hear it.

Pennie and David said...

Just love it, how could you not get better with that sort of support! Was Marshall the boy who came to our SCQuiters gathering at my home all those years ago?