Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I am having All Sorts Of Strife with Blogger. I don't know if it is cos of this little notebook not having enough sense to do stuff, or whether Blogger is playing up.
Maybe it is Blogger. A lot of people emailed or Facebooked me to say they had tried to leave a comment here on my recent posts and weren't able to.

I have been trying to make this page a bit less fussy. And having all sorts of bothers. It even yelled at me that I didn't have cookie settings in the right place. BUT I HAVE! Well, I have now...

So, if one day, you should come to read my blog and all you find are bare rooms with the furniture piled in the garage, drop cloths over all the floors and empty coke bottles and lolly wrappers lying on the floor you will know that I have got the painters and decorators in. And not done a runner with the rent money tucked down my bra.

What do you reckon about the font I have managed to change - the title, description and the labels here? The font is called Kransky. I like it cos the boys used to LOVE eating cheese kranskies. Except they called them cheese krankies...


Lindi said...

I often have probs with blogger. One day it's one thing, another day, it's something else. Today it was comments on some blogs and not others. :)I just swear a lot, go away, and try again later.

Clare said...

I think Blogger is having problems too. They are bringing all sorts of new stuff out and I don't think their servers can cope.

I've cleared a lot of my blog stuff out and made the template as simple as it can be so it loads easier. The more crap you have, the slower it loads.

It also helps if you keep clearing your cache. These little Notepads haven't got as much storage as their bigger brothers and sisters. I clear mine at least once a day.