Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Blog etiquette

There is a blog I have been reading a lot lately - mostly cos her clever ideas kept cropping up on Pinterest - The Art of Doing Stuff.

Karen makes me laugh with her writings - and her funny photos. She never gets boring with them - there are only so many ways a blogger can show you how clever she is at making something.

Or there is Karen's way...

Take, for example, her blog on How To Fix  A Slamming Screen Door.

Three and a half hours - AND THIRTY SECONDS - to get a screw driver and turn a screw.  That 30 seconds at the end is the "Fix" part of the "How To"!
Made me laugh heaps.

She has a fabulous post on How To Properly Re-Post Something for the rest of us bloggers out there (out here) in blogland.
If you have a blog you MUST go and read it. Useful information.


I just wish I could drag a photo off her page so that you will get hooked like she says I have to but I can't figure out how to do that with this funny little bit of computer that is the size of an A4 page but more useful. And my brain ditto size of A4 but currently less useful...

And when you have read that and taken it in, and bookmarked it so you can add it to your own blog (CREDITING KAREN OF COURSE) then - only then - can you look at this posting of hers.
Though not before you also make a cuppa tea and get some bikkies and settle somewhere cosy cos you will be gone a while.


P.S. I hope the person who lifted one of my photos from my website that has "Copyright" all over the site, used it in a money making exercise and then emailed me afterwards to tell me they had used it and 'hope you don't mind' will read it. Grrrr. YES, I DO MIND - I make money from my photos. If I so choose.

And also the people who just take other people's pictures, mostly from Pinterest it seems, and repost them as "Lovely kitchen/bedroom/bathroom/frock/whatever" and nothing else on their blogs... Well, lovey, that aint bloggin' - that be borin'!

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Shirley said...

How right you are. Politeness doesn't cost anything. I also think you are right to say that there are only so many ways to say look how clever I am and it gets increasingly difficult to find something that is blog worthy. Saying that though I don't expect to be showered with praise but if someone is interested enough to leave me a comment then I am happy. My slow computer wouldn't allow me to have a peek at the blog you have mentioned but will have a try later. Hope you are feeling well today.