Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bed rest + COLD Snap = Knitting

My GP told me the other evening to stay quiet in bed and look after myself until I get to see her tomorrow (Thursday). Combine with this with the coldest snap we have had for many many years (snow down the road, cars falling off roads everywhere cos of black ice, fingersand noses nippy drippy cold. And I am in bed...

I have been knitting scarves for weeks. Don't have a pic atm - but they are clever bits of knitting half and quarter rows before doing full rows so they turn out spirally and looking like Sharks' Eggs. I was hoping to sell them but I have given so many away - my very successful market research!

Anyway, this evening I was faffing around in bed with the notebook keeping my belly warm and puddling away through Pinterest and following links and I found a blog posting on knitting Sock Yarn Blankets. And a tutorial... Here is the original blankie posting I discovered and she has a link at the bottom there to a lot of other pretty knitted blankets.

So I have pulled out some 4 ply wool and have almost finished my first square. She says that you only need 'a walnut sized lump of wool' for each square. I think I could use skeins of tapestry wool to knit them with - I have a little collection of them. I don't know if they are 4 ply but the look close enough and I think that is all that matters.

By the way - yesterday top temperature here was 6*, today is soared to 7*. Might have to break out the sunnies and bathers tomorrow...

PS I just noticed there is a (new?) location button down the bottom RH corner so I set it. You can go and have a look at where I live, there is even streetstalk which went up the road almost to my place before the driver wandered off into the bush and drove bewildered and lost through every little track in the State Forest before discovering Maldon 45 kms further on (Maldon is only about 8 kms in a straight crow-flyin' line), hehehe!!!!


Wendy said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Knitting is a great pass time on days like that. I have to say however you have a hard time mustering up sympathy from me over your "cold snap". You see I live on the East Coast of Canada and 7 degrees is a nice early Spring day for us. Our temps go to -30 with a wind chill making it feel like over -40 degrees on our "cold snaps" and snow..well we won't go there. You probably can't even imagine. Some years back I invited a young woman into our home from your neck of the woods (from Dubbo, actually) who was travelling across Canada. She landed in our town in the midst of a raging storm and was not able to find accommodations. She was amazed at the amounts of snow and ice and temperatures. I treated her to a real Canadian winter day. Everything from hockey, to shovelling snow from the driveway, to snow shooing. She loved it, but was amazed we could handle such temperatures on a regular basis.
Love the link to the knitted blanket. The squares look interesting and it is a real bonus to have directions to knit one square to another instead of stitching them all together afterwards. Hope you feel better soon.
Too funny about the driver taking the "scenic" route...

AnnieO said...

Hi, Jas! Sorry to hear the ticker is keeping you in bed, hope that gets sorted out sooner than later. Lucky you are crafty and can keep your fingers busy in between pinterest surfing :) Hugs!

iMake said...

Hello there

I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for linking to my sock yarn blanket tutorial :-) If you are on Ravelry (you MUST be if you knit!) you may be interested in joining the iMake Podcast group as there is a thread dedicated to sock yarn blankets.

There are a few of us on there and everyone is willing to swap sock yarn remnants. It's good fun and may help take your mind off being poorly for a little.

Let me know if you want to know more and get well :-)

Martine (