Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I have been sick.
I am still sick.
Furthermore, I am sick of being sick.

My GP discovered 4 weeks ago that I have enormously HIGH blood pressure. (190/100 if that means anything to you). On to a couple of cardio drugs, but two weeks later my BP was still up there in the clouds.
So she added a beta blocker.
As a consequence my BP plummeted, as did my pulse rate and I started to fall over whenever I stood up too quickly. Or even slowly. Cold white fingers, pins and needles, absolute lethargy, etc...
Had to get The Sweetheart to take me in to A&E on Saturday (cos I drove off the road the last time I drove the Iced Volvo...).

So now I am off the beta blockers, and am on bed rest until I go to see her again in a couple of days. Then an ultrasound on my heart and a brain scan cos I may have had one of those cute little strokes. And to see an industrial strength cardiologist.
My heart has been foolish since the last couple of bee stings where I arrested, before that my BP used to be a lovely 90/60. Thank goodness for my Epipens - now I carry TWO to keep me going until the ambulance gets to me.

So, I am not sewing.
I have a hexagonal stars all cut out and a bit sewn together to make for a young friend who has scary melanoma, and a bag for my sister for her birthday (which was only a couple of weeks ago, and she isn't expecting a pressie so that is OK).
The quilt is a lovely Sarah Fielke pattern from her new "Quilting from little things..." - Stars in Your Eyes.
This was featured in last month's Better Homes and Gardens mag - Sarah writes about it here but I also bought her fabulous book in April. For each of the patterns she has an achievable mini quilt as well as the larger one.
The bag I am making for my next sister is from Julia Davis and Anne Muxworthy's "Easy Japanese Quilt Style". This is a link to the book, however not the book I have but one which has the bag I am making as the cover pic (how lucky was that - now I don't have to explain it!!!).

BUT the enforced bed rest has had an up-side.
I did discover Pinterest which is such good fun. It is a website that acts like a pin board where you can 'pin' your favourite photos. Each 'board' can have a different title so you can group your faves. I have one Board that is my home as it is, followed by another Board for the dreamings and desires!
There are LOTS of lovely links to all sorts of craft stuff, quilts, architecture, pets, fashion, pretties, some GREAT photo-journo links to some of the war zones I either went to or dodged...
I don't have to worry about making things at all. I can just explore other people's creations and then Pin them!!!
Here is my link to Pinterest. There are some of my own pics in my quilts and sewing Board as well as my home.

I am cuddled up in bed, lovely and warm cos of the little notebook whirring away on my lap, and lovely cosy flannel sheets, and snugly jarmies. Outside today it is 4* (at noon) and sleeting and hailing instead of snowing. It is good to be so warm on such a day (and it is apparently going to get colder over the next few days...).
I will keep you posted.

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Kate said...

Noooooo - not good. But thank god for computers eh - you can at least feel part of the world. Not good to hear you're sick, but good to see you blogging again. Sending lots of positive vibes....