Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I have been snuggled on the couch a lot lately. Mostly cos I am still recovering from the wrassle with CMV, but also because it has been quite nippy. And I have been knitting. I found a tutorial online for a Sock Yarn Blanket - thank you so very much Knotty Knickers!

I don't make very many socks so I didn't have any sort of stash of leftover space dyed 4 ply, but I do have a goodly collection of DMC (and etc) tapestry wools left from knitting hippy hats.
Each square takes most of the 8 metres in each skein, and at between 80c and a dollar a hit this is going to be a bit of an exxy blanket.

I am starting with a few rows of black Totem 8 ply, and then mostly a single colour in each square. Some of them I have had to use more than one colour, though trying to make them similar shades. And I have also started a row (or more) of little squares where four of them make one of the larger squares, doing them with two lighter colours at 3 and 9 o'clock, and darker colours at 12 and 6 o'clock.

After starting with ten separate blocks I then joined them together knitting another square in between setting them on point. I am also knitting in the ends as I go so the blankie is really very neat and tidy on the back. And also very warm, I have had a lot of afternoon naps when I nod off in front of the fire whilst knitting...
Here are a couple of photos before I started adding the smaller units. Doesn't it look pretty on the wattle? Incidentally, has anyone got any spare skeins they want to get rid of? Or scraps of 8 ply? I would welcome them...


Shirley said...

What a lovely and colourful blanket you are making. Thanks for the link too, I went and had a look and they have a great tutorial.
Hope you are having a good day.

Clare said...

Great colours. Is that DMC? I'll keep an eye open for some for you.