Thursday, 14 October 2010

Some stuff

Some of what I have been up to recently....

There was a great tree, far too close to the house because the ground was "heaving" around it. (Technical term used by the tree surgeon who came to look at it).
Here is the tree LOOMING over the house, and the water tanks.

Every time I came home I would turn the corner at the end of the road and look to see if I could still spy the blue triangle of the end of the roof!
It is about 12 metres to the first branches.

This is the "heaving" ground. Not very comforting. Eucalypts have very shallow root systems, they spread out on the surface with no great tap roots to hold them to the centre of the earth. Furthermore, the last ten years have been dreadfully dry droughty years, so all the trees are under stress. We have had some good rains this winter - the best in ten years in fact - but too late for many trees. There are lots which have fallen in recent months.

And then Wesley, the tree surgeon cutting in to the lovely big tree. He cut down three for me, the two others were looming over Outer Bungolia and the house but smaller than this one, and destined for firewood.

Here is the yellow gum lying down. It is 9 metres long, and tapers from 800mm to 650mm along the length.

Wesley said it would be "a shame" to burn it for firewood, as there is a house full of timber in it. How amazing is that?! Even if it only is an Outer Bungolia full of timber I shall be happy.

I am still looking for someone who has a portable mill who will be able to cut it into useful timber for me to use.

And that is one of the things that has occupied me lately!

(and ignore silly text change too - in case I haven't been able to fix that either...another sigh!)


Clare said...

Amazing shots.

Cutting down trees - really old trees - always upsets me. I dread the day our really really old walnut tree succumbs to the chainsaw.

AnnieO said...

Well, better the tree falls than your house gets crushed!

Outer Bungolia--hilarious :)

Jo said...

Jasmine, for a portable mill, contact Lucas Mills and they may have a contact for one of their mills in your area. You will need to get it milled sooner rather than later as it will become difficult to mill as it dries out :) Good luck should be beautiful timber