Thursday, 21 October 2010

More spring!

It is really tough to grow anything here - this land was all sluiced in the goldrush days (from the 1850s) and there isn't any topsoil left.
I live right on the edge of the alluvial fields. Only a couple of kms out in the bush there are DEEP shafts - now fenced to stop animals (and people) falling down them. Wouldn't be much fun. I think there are more than a few "missing persons" who could be located down shafts around the district...

I have a great pile of dirt that came from the derelict goat pens that were here when I bought the place. I got the bloke with the bobcat to push it all into a great pile and then let it compost for a few years.
It is now my vege garden.

I had lots of lovely things growing last year  but there are too many bees there already for me to start weeding and planting. I have had a couple of cardiac arrests in the last ten years from bee sting reactions. I now carry TWO Epipens but I still live in fear of being stung when I am here alone. Pretty scared of being stung when I am with anyone else, too!!!

Look at my pretty petunias and snapdragons, grown from seed, in a tub by the front door.
There are also irises and some lavender in there which will soon be flowering.
Very pretty. Everything is abuzz with foraging bees. The paddocks are chockers with Capeweed. An awful pest, but it looks so lovely, and smells wonderful!

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