Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Me, and the Rich and Famous.

 Subtitled: Who is that up there with Jasmine?*

Last Sunday we did HEAPS of stuff.

Firstly we went to The Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton ("one of the world's oldest exhibition buildings").
There was a great show (Motorclassica) of veteran, vintage and classic cars. Some of the most expensive cars known to man!!!

And I got to meet my childhood hero!!!
A man who was my pinup boy when I was still in single figures, and who fed my yearning to be a racing car driver. Which, incidentally, has yet to be fulfilled - and I possibly have left the running (ha ha small bad pun) too late...though have done my share of marshalling, timing, navigating, et al at car thingies.

Here is (another out of focus) photo taken by The Sweetheart (I do not know what it is with him taking photos of me with Famous People - they are always out of focus. And worser cos he MAKES A BIT OF A LIVING taking photographs...).

Yep - me and Sir Stirling Moss! We had a nice conversation where I got to thank him for giving me so much delight over the years and for being a hero of mine. I don't believe many people get to tell the people they admire just how much they mean to them!

I was taught to drive in my teenage years by another famous (Australian) racing driver - Frank Coad. I went to school with his daughter and he was our local Holden dealer which made it much easier to learn - hooning around in their paddock in his race car...

Here is Stirling Moss's car which was at the show.

I was going to write a big deal post about all the things we did on Sunday but I reckon this is enough actually.
Me and my friend Stirling Moss.
(Oh bloody hell - I see I am the same age as his wife of 30 years.
Where was I in 1980????
Oh bugger - I know where I was...
Saving lives in refugee camps in the Thai Cambodian border and being shot at by drunken Thai soldiers.
Double sigh.

* Precis version of old joke:
Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke visited the Vatican and was leaning out a window with the Pope, waving to the crowd.
A couple of Aussies down in the square looked up and asked "Who is that up there with Hawkie?".

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