Monday, 25 October 2010


This is what the garden looked like 12 months ago:

Garden end October 2009

And THIS is what it looks like now!!! 

End October 2010

I can't even get in to it to weed it - there are too many bees in all those weeds (I am REALLY allergic to bee stings ).
You can see that I haven't done too much to the old gate or the bit of netting... How embarrassment!

I need someone to come and help me. Who would like a little holiday in the bush? There are kangaroos and echidnas...

Even the trees in the bush behind look more lush. You can't see as much sky between the branches because there are so many more leaves on them! The understory has been a carpet of lovely wattles - different shades of gold in the greens and greys of the bush.

Anyway, please give me a yell if you would like to come and stay and help me do some gardening - it isnt actually onerous work. The garden bed is quite small really.
See you soon!!!!


Jaime S said...

Ideally someone would have a slasher to go and slash the lot down to the ground so you can make more dirt for your gardening.

AnnieO said...

Sorry I can't take you up on your lovely offer, LOL! I'm no gardener, that's for sure. My goodness you have been up to lots of projecs lately--I've just read all the newest posts. Glad you are stitching, knitting, kitchening and painting. Creativity reigns!

thesumoftheparts said...

great to see ol stomping grounds. it is like sitting in a pub with you having a chat, except less social!