Saturday, 2 January 2010


This is Hans Heysen's painting of his wife Sally at her sewing machine. There is a Hans Heysen exhibition at the Hobart Museum and Art Gallery at the moment.

I wonder what she is sewing?

Happy New Year, too. 2010 is going to be a ripper. There will be some more give-aways here too. I also have my Pay It Forward to do.


Jane or Ozjane said...

Very lovely.....I adore his work.
Think I purchased some prints or cards when I was 18 and in Adelaide.

Kate said...

LOVE the painting.
Also loved the quilty clock you had in a previous post. I think I liked it best WITH the buttons!!

Maria said...

Lovely painting.Yes I have my PIF to do too. Have found two very nice little things I want to do. Just one more friend to find.

Anonymous said...

She is sewing baby clothes. I love that painting too.
and, I have actually been sewing - am on a "finishing-off mission" I finished off the ham, the turkey, the Christmas pudding and now I am finishing off quilts

Lynda B said...

She has a nice view from her window! Thanks for sharing such a lovely picture.

blessed speedy said...

I love this picture must admit Ive pinched it and printed it off and have it in my sewing "area" just lovely