Saturday, 16 January 2010

Socks for Thailand...

My Next Sister Down, Elspeth, and her DD the Youngest just spent three weeks volunteering in an orphanage in northern Thailand (she is a super nurse who did health tests on the kids etc).
She has a request.
If you have an Aldi near you and can help out, please give her a shout. Her email is
(Elspeth is in Buderim, some of you have met her along the way!).
Thanks heaps!

Date: 2010/1/16
Subject: Socks for Thai orphanage

Hi.. just doing a quick check around the you happen to have an Aldi store near you...? If so, are you able drop in and see if there are any of their grey school socks (pack of 7 for $6.99)..preferably med (size 13-3)and large(size 2-8) are the ones we need the most of..( some small will be ok too).
They have bright coloured toes and heels and are on page 6 of current catalogue...
I am trying to find 180 pairs for 90 children!!!
They are on special this week....started on Thurs..let me know if you can ...just buy them on the spot as they will disappear quickly.. I can reimburse you
and the Head Office of Mercy International is helping me too.
Caloundra only had 6 packs so I bought those and Qld Aldi is trying to get some more but are not linked to other states.
Hope you can find some or maybe you have a contact who can.. let me know if you have any success

Love Elspeth xx

PS I am not going to worry about reimbursement, it is a small contribution to helping the world be a better place.


Lulu said...

Altruism must run in your family Jasmine.

Christine said...


we have just bought a pack ( that is all they had here) please advise where to send it too.