Friday, 15 January 2010

Friday Flaunt

I got my sewing mojo back!!!

Because it has been so lovely and cool (only about 30*) I have been sewing.
I made a quilt top on the last two afternoons.
I had some Mary Engelbright Jelly Rolls from Miss Vikki Frou Frou when she was having her clean-out.
I used this pattern from Piece N Quilt. She only used one Jelly Roll, and I had TWO. HOORAY!!!!
My quilt therefore is much larger, 66" x 80", it will come down a bit with quilting. Or may go up a bit if I add another border...
(If you are unaware of just what a Jelly Roll is here is an explanation).

Last night, when it was hanging from the Design Balcony I saw that I should have got anal about the stripes. Because I had two JRs I could have extended the colours in the border so they matched up with the centre panel. In the bottom row I fluked a blue, pink and green, and a red, green and pink in the top row.
Last night I thought about unpicking and resewing it so it all matched up.
But I had had a few Bloody Marys - now that I have sobered up I realise it would be a really silly thing to do...
This is a detail of the flowers. Yet to sew them on, and there are also leaves to add, but I ran out of vliesofix. The flowers are raw edge, but I made the stem the same way as the pattern said.

I got immensely clever with the mitred corners.
They aren't mitred at all, but striped panels cut in half diagonally, swapped around and sewn back together.

Five strips are 10.5" wide (close enough to 10" which is what the border panel widths are). Make four of these, same colours in the same places. (But better if they are diff materials tho for that scrappy look).
Cut two of the panels from top left to bottom right and the other two from top right to bottom left. Swap 'em around and sew the centre seam.

Join them to the ends of the side panels and then on to the quilt. I sewed the top and bottom panels on first.
Because the top is made from Jelly Rolls then the measurements are easy. It is just multiples of 2.5".
There is a fraz of fudging on the half square triangles which are the corner units - because you lose a bit in the centre seams. But nothing a bit of steam and some judicious stretching whilst sewing wont fix...

And this is how clever the corners look:

I saved all the white background strips for the binding, and there are a couple of bits of side border, two lengths of red and some scraps from the flowers and trimmings to add to the backing.

The JRs are Baskets of Flowers by Mary Engelbreit for Moda.
The backing is going to be Pantone 3005U which is a lovely 1940s era blue.

(BTW, I borrowed The Sweetheart's Pantone Guide. It is a wonderful tool. And you could spend hours playing with their website...)

This quilt reminds me of Mum's aprons.


Linda said...

Very lovely, Jasmine. Your mitered corners are nice, and I like the applique. Will this be quilted by you on your new longarm machine?

Missie Krissie said...

Go Jas! You certainly did get your sewing mojo back didn't you!? That's beautiful and so bright and colourful. I can never get colours to fit each other but you did a great job!
Ps I can't imagine how hot your house has been over the last week! We have air con and it's been really struggling over those 47 degree days. Up here it had been so horrible until the cool change came through, it's amazing how you can get so much done when you're not sweating from moving your little finger! lol

Lindi said...

Jasmine's Jazzy Jelly Roll Quilt! It's lovely.

zenofneedle said...

And this is why I like do the odd clear out - lovely to see finished things from stuff I had sitting around wondering what to do with - both you and Blessed have quilts made from my surplus stuffs! Looks lovely Jasmine, and very impressed with the corners!

lisette said...

gorgeous! and i am deeply impressed with the faux mitring - i loathe doing mitred corners as they make my brain turn inside out but that technique is sheer brilliance!

Fran C said...

Lovely Jelly Roll quilt Jappa, I have a JR sitting in a crate you have given me inspiration and I love the way you have done the mitres very clever.

cinzia said...

I agree the rethink on the borders was a good idea and the decision to leave as is excellent. Also love your cheating mitres. How clever.

Nicole and Phil said...

Great to see you have your sewing mojo back.....I think mine is at the bottom of the ironing basket.....but if you find it around your place, please send it to me!

Maria said...

Sometimes it is good to have a break then you get back into things with gusto. Just love the quilt,beautiful colours.

PamelaJ said...

This is a very pretty jelly roll quilt, Nice work ! Hmmm I have some jelly rolls somewhere I only have 2 waiting to be quilted so may have to do another one .!

AnnieO said...

Looks wonderful! I was just looking at a collection of 30's prints I have had for ages and this would be a terrific pattern for them. Love the "fakeout" mitered borders--you are clever when your mojo strikes (and even when it is hiding).

Natalia said...

I'm glad you could use the tute! I love what you've done with it! :)